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Heejin Chong

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Solo Exhibitions

  • 2008   Manif (Manifestation d'art Nouveau International et Forum) Art Fair, Seoul Art Center, Korea
  • 2008   Pool Art Fair New York 2008, Hotel Chelsea, New York, NY
  • 2007   Pool Art Fair Miami 2007, Cavalier Hotel, Miami, FL
  • 2006   "Hands & Knives", Hun Gallery, New York, NY

  • 2006   "Hands & Knives", Steuben South Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

  • 2002   'Expo Paris-Seoul', Maison des Metallos, Paris, France

  • 2001   'Relationship-Coexistence': Isugi Gallery Inaugural Show, Isugi Gallery, Chung-pyoung, Korea

  • 2000   'Relationship-Coexistence', Manif (Manifestation d'art Nouveau International et Forum) Art Fair, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea

  • 1999   'Relationship-Coexistence', Ami Art Gallery at Novotel, Seoul, Korea

  • 1996   'Breathing', Seo-nam Art Center, Seoul, Korea

  • 1994   'Breathing', Gong-pyong Art Center, Seoul, Korea

International Art Fairs

2008  Bridge Miami, Catalina and Maxine Hotels, Miami, FL

2008    Manif (Manifestation d'art Nouveau International et Forum) International Art Fair, Seoul Art Center, Korea  – as a solo exhibition

            Pool Art Fair New York 2008, Hotel Chelsea, New York, NY - as a solo exhibition

2007    Pool Art Fair in Miami Beach, Miami, FL - as a solo exhibition

2006    Pavilion at Art Expo New York, Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, NY

2002    ARTSUD Paris 2002: Salon International d'Art Contemporain du sud (Gallery Athena), Palais     des Congres de Paris, France

2000    Manif (Manifestation d'art Nouveau International et Forum) Art Fair, Seoul Art Center, Korea – solo exhibition

2000    Manif (Manifestation d'art Nouveau International et Forum) Art Fair, Seoul Art Center, Korea (2000) – solo exhibition

Selected Group Exhibitions

2010    "Dream, Love and Peace", National Museum of Visual Arts,   

             Montevideo, Uruguay -organized/sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea

2008    Show &Sell, hpgrp Gallery, NY, NY

            Fund raise show for Korean Cultural Center, Chicago, IL

2007    Show &Sell Art Fair, hpgrp Gallery, NY, NY

            Under Current, AAWAA(Asian American Women Artists’ Alliance) Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2006    Summer Invitational Group Show, Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York, NY

            Art Show Party 2006(with a performance by Walter Band), Stereo, New York, NY

            Point of Departure: Dumbo Show, Brooklyn, NY

2005    Tuscany Show, Steuben South Gallery at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY  

            KCAM Group Show, Solos Gallery, NY, NY         

2002    New Year's Kite and Fan Painting Exhibition, Sae-jong Gallery, Seoul

2001    Chung-buk University Semi-centennial Celebration Exhibition, Gaeshin Museum, Chungju,


            Asia Women Artists’ Festival, Gwanghwamun Gallery, Seoul, Korea

            Invitational art show and the photo show of sign language by celebrities, Unbo Gallery

2000    Bulgaria/ Korea Joint Exhibition of Modern Paintings: Marking the 10th Anniversary of  

            Establishing Diplomatic Relations, Sofia Municipal Gallery of Art, Bulgaria/ Contemporary Art

            Museum in Hong-ik University, Seoul, Korea

            Invitational Young Artists Show, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

            Myung-dong Gallery Inaugural exhibition, Myung-dong Gallery, Seoul, Korea

            ‘Tide of New Millennium’, Jong-ro Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1999    Korean Artist Festival: 'Ah! Korea from Establishment of Constitution to Independence’,

            Gallery Sang, Seoul, Korea

1997    ‘Exhibition for New Generation’, KEPCO Plaza Gallery, Seoul, Korea

             Si-gong Group Exhibition, Seo-nam Art Centre, Korea

1996    ‘Nude/Shape', Gallery Gurimshi, Su-won, Korea

             Si-gong Group Exhibition, Korea Culture & Art Foundation Art Center, Seoul

1995    Contemporary Chinese and Korean Art Exhibition, Peking Museum, China/ Jo-hyung Gallery, Seoul, Korea

            ‘Spring Invitational Exhibition by 20 Young Artists’, Yae-il Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1994    ‘Diffusion of Consciousness, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea

            ‘Exhibition of our Consciousness on Korean Paintings’, Korea Culture & Art Foundation Gallery, Seoul, Korea

            ‘Korean Ink & Color Painting’, Unhyun-gung Museum, Seoul, Korea

1993     ‘Nature, Spirit of Korean Paintings’, Korea Culture and Art Foundation Gallery, Seoul, Korea

             ‘Expression for the Spirit of Painting in the Literary Artist's Style’, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea


Awards/ Exhibition

  • 2000   The 2nd Korea Art Exhibition, Second place (Special Prize) / Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

  • 1999   The 3rd Kwan-ak Contemporary Art Exhibition, First place (Superior Prize) / Anyang Culture and Art Foundation Centre, Anyang, Korea

  • 1999   The 18th National Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Second place (Special Prize)/National Museum of Modern Art, Gwachun, Korea

  • 1999   The 10th 'Misool Segae' Competition, Second place (Special Prize)/ Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Seoul, Korea

  • 1997   The 16th National Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Third place / National Museum of Modern Art, Gwachun, Korea

  • 1995   The 14th National Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Third place / National Museum of Modern Art, Gwachun, Korea

  • 1992   The 4th Korean Woman's Art Competition, Third place / Young-Poong Mungo, Seoul, Korea

Selected Reviews

• Newspapers

Wang, Tiffany. “New generation artist arise from warehouse district: Reverse Operation- Move to Manhattan”, China Times. May 25, 2008

(   copy 鄭熹珍 and paste in the search box to view)

Ryu, Soohyun. “Gesture work artist, Heejin Chong”, The New York Ilbo. December 11, 2006:A3

Park, Sukhee. “New York Art World in March.” The Korea Daily. March 7, 2006:A14.

Park, Sukhee. “Gallery Visiting.” The Korea Daily. March 9, 2006:A15.

• Magazines

Featured painting, Art + Auction, November 2007

Lee, Jihun. Hands & Knives: paintings of Heejin Chong, Art Price, February, 2007

Featured Painting: 30 years of Hana Bank & 30 years of the Artist, Hana Bank Magazine, Fall 2001:19.

Kim, Kino. “Chong Heejin: Natural Image with Refined Poetic Paintings” Misulsegae. January 2000:104-105.

Kim, Sang Chul. “Heejin Chong: The Poetic Image of Relationship/Coexistence.” Misoolsidae. January 2000:114-117.

“Exhibitions of 20 Young Artists.” Gallery Guide. March 1995.

Cover Page. With. Winter 1995.

Featured painting and artist. DeBon. May 1995. Front page

• Articles Online and Other

“National Museum of Visual Arts of Uruguay:Korean Art Exhibition”, Uruguay Escribe Noticias (Uruguay Write News), October 9, 2010.

“Sueño, Amor y Paz - Artistas Contemporáneos Coreanos”, Ministerio de Educacion y Cultura, October 8, 2010.

James Kalm. "Pool Art Fair 2008 at the Chelsea Hotel" on YouTube ( at the 3 min 48 second)

Kim, Youngjin. We can Dance Without Music if there is a Hope. Seoul: Woongjin, 1993. (Featured painting on poetry book on p. 112.)


• Journals 

Artists in New York: Carol Pelligian in Long Island City, Art Price, October 2008
Artists in New York: Xu Bing in Williamsburg and Ran Hwang in Dumbo, Art Price, September 2008
Special Project. Artists in New York: Artists' Migration, Ross Neher in Soho and Robert Lambert in Chelsea Hotel, Art Price, August 2008
Tenri Institute in New York and a Korean-American artist Grace Rim, Art Price, July 2008
Island artist Oli G. Johannson’s first show in New York, Art Price, June 2008
Art Fair in New York: Pool Art Fair, Art Price, May 2008
Claire Lieberman: The dream world of Jello, Art Price, April 2008
Residency program in New York: Interview with Dennis Elliot, the director of ISCP, Art Price, March 2008
Interview with Sookeun Song, the director of Korean Cultural Service NY, Art Price, February 2008
Art Fairs in Miami, Art Price, January 2008
Global Feminism, Art Price, December 2007
A Korean Artist who made contract with Universal Studio: Based on the interview with artist Numyi Lee, Art Price, November 2007
Miwa Yanagi: Deutsche Bank Collection at the Chelsea Art Museum, Art Price, September 2007
Art Fair in July: Scope Hamptons, Art Price, September 2007
Richard Serra Sculpture: Forty Years, Art Price, August 2007
Art Fair in June: SOFA New York, Art Price, July 2007
Art Fairs in New York: The Armory Show, The Art Show, Scope New York, Pulse New York, DiVA, Art Price, April 2007
Visiting Art in America: Visiting Art in America, Art Price, January 2007
Exhibitions with Full of Colors in New York: Judith Nilson, Francisco Castro Leñero, Jenifer Kobylarz, Art Price, December 2006
Special Report: ‘Opening a New Season in Chelsea’, Art Price, October 2006
‘Dada’, Art Price, September 2006
‘Exhibition of Work by Newly Elected Members and Recipients of Honors and Awards’, Art Price, July 2006
'Ralph Wickiser: The Reflected Stream', Art Price, June 2006
'Pulling Strings: Traditional and Contemporary Puppetry', Art Price, May 2006
'Whitney Biennial', Art Price, April 2006
'Robert Rauschenberg: Combines', Art Price, 16-18p., February 2006
'Christopher Wilmarth: Drawing and Sculpture', Art Price, 16-18p., December 2005
'Krzysztof Wodiczko', Art Price, 23p., November 2005
'Neutral', Art Price, 18-19p., June 2005
'The Amory show', Art Price, p., April 2005
World Artist: 'Interview with Tom Fruin', Art Price, 62-65p., February 2005
Special Interview: 'Interview with Dr. Robert Morgan', Art Price, January 2005
• Critical Essay
‘Song, Mun-suk’, Artist Catalog, 1996
‘Contemporary Korean Paintings’, Wawon: MFA journal, p101-106, 1993
• Translation
3 essays for an artist’s catalog, Jungwook Grace Rim, Tenri Institute 2008
-    Richard Vine. Heartfelt: The Art of Jungwook Grace Rim, 2008
-    Robert C. Morgan. The 108 Bows and the Art of Grace Rim, 2008
-    Thalia Vrachopouls. J.Grace Rim: The Heart Sutra and the Enso Circle, 2008


  • Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York - MFA in Painting (Tuscany Summer Study in 2005, Italy)

  • Hong-ik University, Seoul, Korea - MFA in Oriental Painting
  • Hong-ik University, Seoul, Korea - BFA in Oriental Painting

Academic Appointments and Professional Experience

2010   Visiting artist, Parsons New School of Design

2004-2009    Correspondent, Monthly Art Magazine Art Price

1996-2003    Taught art and art history classes at Hong-ik University (Seoul), Chung-buk National University (Chungju-si, Korea), Su-won University (Suwon, Korea), Dae-jin University (Pochun, Korea), Hyup-sung University (Hwasung, Korea), and Seoul School of Performing Arts (Seoul, Korea)

1999-2002    Former Adjunct Professor, Hyup-sung University (Hwasung-si, Korea)